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You can only lead someone else to the level of your own development.

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You are very important to me, and I am working hard to make sure that there are no more breaks in my schedule of articles to be posted.

I have been re-evaluating and updating much of my work. Much of what I have seen on the web has been troubling me (although there IS still a LOT of content that is excellent) and I have been doing a lot of research, reflection and reading. I plan on continuing with this blog this year and the emphasis will be on leadership. I will continue with this series.

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Pillar No 5 of the 12 Pillars of Leadership – Self Control, Lose It And You Lose All Control

One of the most important pillars for solid leadership is self control. I am sure that you have heard the quote:

“Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear what you are saying.”

(If you know who said this, please let me know).

The simple fact is that is in order to gain the respect and HEART co-operation of your team, you will need to live a life that has a huge measure of self-discipline and self-control.

There is so much that we could explore on this subject, but let’s keep it in a simple bit sized portion for today. There will very likely be more discussed about this very important area at a future date.

One huge benefit of learning to exercise self-control in your “private life”. Self control gives you authenticity as a leader. Integrity is a part of this also.

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Real leadership is all about inspiring and motivating a team. A great leader will inspire and motivate a great team.

I was checking out some videos this week and found this one which I am sure will inspire and challenge you concerning the value of a great team.

Enjoy and please leave your comments below.

Look for the next Pillar of Leadership (Self Control) next week.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

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Pillar No 4 of the 12 Pillars of Leadership – Humility Strengthens Leadership

This may seem to be a paradox, but it is true that people will respect and follow a humble leadership long before they will respect a proud one.

Notice, I left out the word “follow” in the comparison above. Why?

Many folk may “follow” a proud leader out of necessity because the “leader” happens to be placed in charge of the group or activity they are a part of. BUT ..

Proud leaders will not have the loyalty and
respect (heart following) that humble leaders have.

Let’s consider some comparisons between a proud person and a humble person.

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Pillar No 3 of the 12 Pillars of Leadership – Genuine Love For Your Team Members

Coach laughing with his team Of all of the great foundations, corporations and organizations that have been built over the years by diverse leaders, only One Leader founded His empire on love. To this day millions of people would gladly die for their leader – Jesus Christ.

There is a very well known chapter in the Bible that outlines 14 foundational qualities of love, and concludes with these simple words - love never fails. This is found in 1 Corinthians 13, in the New Testament of the Bible.

One of the great dangers of leadership is the power that the leader finds in his or her hands. The balancing factor to this danger, is love.

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